This agreement is made between the Agent of MVW Talent Agency, 23 Burrow Manor, Calverstown, Kilcullen, Co Kildare (hereinafter called “The Agent”) of the one part and YOU, THE CLIENT (hereinafter called “The Artist”), of the other part. It is valid FROM DATE OF SUBMISSION – AUGUST 31ST 2024. 
Maureen V Ward of MVW Talent Agency is the respective Artist’s SOLE AGENT from date of submission with MVW Talent Agency. 
It is agreed between the parties as follows: 
(a) PROFILES: Each agency client is entitled to an MVW TALENT AGENCY PROFILE at no expense on our MVW website. It is Up to the Client to keep this profile in date by updating it with latest credits, photos, links etc via the CLIENT LOGIN that you have been given access to.
A SPOTLIGHT PROFILE is strongly recommended if you have 2 or more Professional Credits. We urge you to join Spotlight and put in MVW Talent Agency as your Agent.
Please make sure you have a suitable bio on both profiles. This is the window into your profile. It should be to the point, concise and informative. You can also use the bio to have temporary non availability dates on, which you can then change and adjust accordingly. 
TAGMIN: We have just invested in this system and will keep you updated accordingly.
(b) CASTING BRIEFS: Depending on the casting brief, The Agent will send the Artist for work that the Agent  feels the Artist is most suitable for. This however does not mean that the Artist is guaranteed an audition or will definitely secure a job whilst being a member of  MVW Talent Agency. IF YOUR PROFILE IS NOT OF A PROFESSIONAL QUALITY ie Photos not of a High Quality, Appropriate High Standard Footage etc, WE WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO CANCEL OR POSTPONE THIS AGREEMENT UNTIL THE APPROPRIATE HIGH STANDARD OF PROFESSIONAL QUALITY IS REACHED
(c) CONTACTING MVW TALENT AGENCY ABOUT CASTINGS/QUERIES: As we have so many jobs coming into us on a daily basis, we rarely contact each client to say that he/she/they has been submitted. We will ONLY contact you should you have been selected for audition/self-tape audition by the Casting Team. Contact will be primarily via email, and sometimes via WhatsApp or text. 
We are happy for you to whatsapp us for quick questions from time to time HOWEVER:
(d) FEEDBACK AFTER CASTINGS:  Many clients who have been called for audition appointments or for self-taped auditions for castings will usually only get feedback if they have progressed further and made it to the next round. We assure you that when we hear regarding your submission, and if you have progressed, you will hear.
(e) SELF TAPING is the most common form of first round audition. Please make sure that your tapes are of Excellent Quality and follow the guidelines laid out by the specific casting directors per their email that you will receive. Some casting directors have a unique preference on how self tapes are to be recorded. Please be mindful of this and check your email for guidelines. 
If there are no guidelines regarding self tapes, please consult the GUIDE FOR SELF TAPING from the CDG for guidance which we can provide to you. 
PLEASE LABEL YOUR TAPES CORRECTLY. Unless stated, please always email your labelled self tapes to mvwtalent@gmail.com via wetransfer.com
Occasionally we may accept tapes on whatsapp BUT this is dependent on who the casting team is, so please always send via wetransfer.com to us unless stated.
From time to time, we also get an email or dropbox link that you will need to submit to directly. This will be included in your email and we will make it clear that you need to submit directly.
 (f) The Artist must pay 10% commission of overall fee to the Agent on all work appointed to him/her/them by MVW Talent Agency. The Agent is responsible for negotiating the fees due to the Artist on his/her/their behalf in all areas of Television, Radio, Theatre, Stage Shows, Film, Commercials, Modelling, Voice Overs, Photoshoots etc.
 (g) When filling in Casting Declaration Forms/Registration forms at self tape/in person auditions, always, without exception include the Agent’s name, email & phone number: Maureen V Ward from MVW Talent Agency / mvwtalent@gmail.com /087-2480348. 
(h) The Artist must NOT change their appearance in any way prior to or after going for an audition as it can go against the Artist for a recall or for even booking the part.
(i) After commission has been taken, The Artist will be paid via Bank Transfer from  MVW Talent Agency. If money is paid directly to the Artist through direct debit, cash or by cheque, it is understood that the Artist will pay the agreed 10% commission promptly and disclose any payslips received for same to the Agent as per contract. 
(j) After the termination of this contract, any jobs or contracts that the Artist has secured through the Agent shall remain the responsibility of the Agent. Any fees or residuals arising out of work gained whilst under contract will still be dealt with by the Agent; the relevant commission will also be taken. No other agent or outside person may take authority over engagements or residual engagements secured to the Artist by Maureen V Ward / MVW Talent Agency. 
(k) The Artist must attend punctually all engagements [Online/In Person] at the required place and at the exact time as notified. 
(l) The Artist must partake in all scheduled rehearsals during the continuance of the engagement as required by the Agent / Production Company and must also undertake to know the script sides/repertoire given. 
(m) The Artist must not perform in public any of the repertoire. The Artist must conform strictly to the rules and carry out the instructions of the Agent with regard to the Agency. 
(n) The Artist must be responsible for safe keeping and privacy of all scripts, sides, music, contracts etc. provided, inclusive of backing tracks, sheet music and all costume, make up etc.  Everything must be kept confidential. 
(o) The Artist must not make any public announcement relating to the engagement either directly or through any Press Agent or Social Networking Site e.g. Facebook, Twitter, X, Instagram, Tik Tok etc, without prior permission from the Agent. 
(p) The Artist must accept that the Agent reserves the right to use images from, and part recordings of, the productions, rehearsals, workshops etc. in which he/she/they participates for specific or general promotional purposes or future projects/productions/festivals/ websites etc. 
(q) As we are an Exclusive Agency, the Agent is your sole agent with regard to ANY engagement and if you are contacted by an outside source for casting or for work, you MUST inform the Agent. THIS IS IMPORTANT due to (1) Health and Safety and (2) in case you have already been submitted for the same project by the Agent. Please Flag any Social Media Castings that you may want to attend that you come across. Some are from reputable sources, but you may have already been submitted directly to the casting team. 
Unfortunately some Social Media Castings are not reputable. It is important that you understand that you proceed at your own risk when responding directly to Open Castings on Social Media. 
Some Casting Directors use social media from time to time especially when the role they are casting may be somewhat more of an intricate brief. They will usually have gone through agents first for this so please doublecheck incase you have already been submitted.  

(r) The Artist must be aware that payment (depending on the job) may take up to 20 weeks (even longer in some cases) to be processed from the employment source. When the money arrives into our account, we will contact you for your Bank Details and then send to you as soon as received. PLEASE BE PATIENT. There are often many departments within the Employment source that need to approve/sign off before we receive it, and this can take time.
(s) The Artist’s Tax Affairs are his/her/their own responsibility. Many PAYE Jobs are emergency taxed. It is the sole responsibility of the Artist to allocate his/her/their tax credits accordingly, claim any refunds due, and/or to sort overpayments with the tax office him/herself. Our Commission will be taken from the Gross Amount that has been negotiated for you. 
(t) The Artist must inform the Agent of the exact hours worked. This is essential due to Extra Rehearsal and/or Overtime Finances that may be due to the Artist. When the correct amount of hours has been given to the Agent,  MVW Talent Agency will then invoice the Employment Source. 
(u) Should the Artist be contacted directly by any Employment Source, it is essential that the Agent is informed immediately of this contact. 
(v) It is understood by the Artist that the Agent will forward his/her/their profile details to casting directors for upcoming castings that he/she/they is suitable for i.e. PERSONAL DETAILS, BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS, VIDEO/AUDIO FOOTAGE, PHOTOGRAPHS, LINKS, SHOWREELS, CREDITS etc which you have given of your own free will. 
(w) If the artist secures a part, his/her/their personal details including (but not exclusive to) name, address, age, DOB, phone number, email, clothes sizes, shoe size, PPS Numbers, skills, qualifications, links, showreels, headshots, nationality, medical history and any other details disclosed by the Artists of his/her/their own free will will be submitted to the production company. In rare cases, a passport photo page is required to obtain payment especially from production companies outside of Ireland. If this is needed, we will contact you. 
The Artistic Director/ Agent shall be entitled: (a) To cancel this agreement partly or wholly should the Artist break any of its terms; or in the event that the Artist does not sufficiently know or is not performing his/her/their role in the Agency adequately; or in any other outside circumstance beyond the Agent’s control. (b) To determine without consultation with the Artist, the inclusion and/or the position of the Artists name, the size and the nature of the type on all bills and advertisements, websites, social media and its position in programmes and/or any other material.