• ID: MVW490146
  • Full Name : Yuliia Vyshnevska
  • Playing Age : 15-22
  • Date of Birth : 06'12'2004
  • Actual Age : 18
  • Height : 5'3ft / 62'9 inches
  • Frame : Average
  • Clothes Size : 10
  • Shoe Size : 4
  • Hair Colour : Brown
  • Hair Length : Long
  • Eye Colour : Brown
  • Complexion : Fair
  • Nationality : Ukrainian
  • Languages Spoken : English, Ukrainian, Russian
  • Native Accent : Eastern European (Ukrainian)' Not strong
  • Accents : Ukrainian, Russian, Learning American

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    TV & FILM

    Title Role Company Director Year
    Berdiansk Leading Role One Productions

    Tom Hopkins

    Dissonance Leading Role

    Liberties College

    Oliver Ringwood

    Experiment Leading Role PAIAS

    Marina Paias

    Kid’s Guard Guest Star Tele Pro

    Sergei Sanin

    Brabrabra Supporting Role

    Samson Production

    Andrew Rubets

    Salary Supporting Role

    UFS Productions

    Igor Shukatka

    Community Guest Star Tele Pro Pavel Tsybenko 2019


    Title Role Company Director Year
    Talking In Restaurants Leading Role Three Points Productions Mark Aylward 2022
    Two Women Leading Role UFS Productions Max Mykhaylychenko 2021
    Station Leading Role 22 Productions Nuta Kulik 2021
    Wormwood Leading Role UFS Productions Max Mykhaylychenko 2021
    Eight Women Leading Role UFS Productions Gleb Mykhaylychenko 2020
    Desire Under Elms Leading Role UFS Productions Alexandra Martakova
    • Combat Training
    • Gun shooting
    • Jogging for long distances
    • Dancing
    • Skiing
    • Wakeboarding
    • Swimming
    • Rollerblading
    • Fluent in Ukrainian and Russian
    • Genius Olympiad 2022 Grand Prix Award in category short film

    Yuliia Vyshnevska is an ambitious young actress. She started her career at the age of 12. Originally, Yuliia is from Ukraine. She was studying acting for film in the Ukrainian Film School for 5 years. During studying she starred in TV Shows, Commercials and Short films. Also, she played a leading role in more than 15 theatrical productions. Yuliia came to Ireland in March 2022. She continued building her career here.

    She played a leading role in “Talking in Restaurants” by ThreePintsProduction in summer 2022. Yuliia was accepted to the Bow Street Academy in September 2022. Exciting news are Yuliia will appear in the upcoming film by One Productions “Berdiansk” directed by Tom Hopkins.

    • Ukrainian Film School acting for film 2017-2022
    • Bow Street Academy 2022-2023