• ID: MVW395951
  • Full Name : Tim Laubscher
  • Playing Age : 30-35
  • Date of Birth : 20/04/1988
  • Actual Age : 34
  • Height : 6ft 2ins
  • Frame : Big/Broad
  • Clothes Size : XXL
  • Shoe Size : 11
  • Hair Colour : Brown
  • Hair Length : Short, Shaved to Long on Sides
  • Eye Colour : Brown
  • Complexion : Fair
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Languages Spoken : English, Afrikaans, Dutch
  • Native Accent : Irish/South African
  • Accents : South African, Australian, English, Welsh, American, Southern American, All Irish, French, German

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    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Teddy Bear Teddy Bear Paulie Dunn 2021
    The Nan Movie Nutsack Great Point Media, Sulcata Productions, Zahala Productions Josie Rourke 2021
    Dredges Davey Nightvision Pictures and Avalon Films Pat McKnight 2020
    Paradise Lost Caller Moving Forward Films Ian Liberatore 2019
    Next Door Postman Eagle House Pictures Matt Shaw 2019
    Thursdays Child Bouncer 2L Films Allan El Atrash 2019
    Room In Town - Short Jack DKIT production Jakub Pekul 2019
    Ellie - Short Step Dad Limping Boy Productions Tim Laubscher 2018
    Zenith Protocol Russian  Soldier Oplawski Twins Oplawski Twins 2018
    Tommy Rot Dutch Noel Aungier 2018
    The Desk - Short Big Boy Open Bin Media Ferran Molina 2017
    Wounded Ella - Short Tommy Ill Eagle Films Zoe Kavanagh 2016



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Paddy Power Cheltenham - Advert Racing Fan Oranges and Lemons Productions Rob Treloar 2022
    Lidl - Valentine's Day - Advert Steak Taster Nomo's Productions Robin Murray 2022
    Titans That Built America - Documentary Drama Du Pont Factory Worker Patrick Reams, Phillip Montgomery 2021
    Bloodline Detectives - Documentary Drama - Episode 10 Police Detective 2021
    Celebrity Obsessed Stephen Spielberg Bodygaurd ITV 2019
    Commercial Guinness    "The Purse" 2019 Six Nations Rugby Advert Featured Irish Supporter 2019
    Canal Docks Advert Lunch Customer A.W. 2018
    The Day I Should I Have Died - Paris Bataclan Terror Attacks Luch Customer Peninsula Television 2017




    Title Role Company Director Year
    Linkedin - Advert One Productions


    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Grid Office Worker Eamon Hughes 2018
    "Top Of The World" by Cargo Bpm Casting Director Eoin Muhlival 2018
    "Back to Bohemia" by James Cramer Beach Walker Alan McCarthy 2017
    Kitty, Daisy and Lewis Punter Alan McCarthy 2017
    "I Came To Change" by Daryl Smith Army Member Strange Music Daryl Smith 2017
    "In Plastic" Angry Passenger Bob Gallagher 2016



    Title Role Year
    Spirits In The Dark (Feature Film) Producer 2019
    Martina's Baby 1st AD 2018
    Ellie Director 2018



    Fluent in Afrikaans


    Horse Riding




    Physical Sports


    Bat Sports





    Award – Best International film Alternative IMDB film festival Toronto Canada "Ellie ", Director


    Tim Laubscher is an actor filmmaker and producer, known and award winning director for Ellie (2017). Born in Durban, South Africa, Tim and his family moved to Ireland when he was 13 years old. Having finished high school he pursued a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy successfully completing it and then beginning work as a counsellor soon thereafter. He then took up acting and landed many roles in short films, feature films, music videos and commercials. So far he has produced on Spirits in the Dark (2019) and can be seen in Zenith Protocol a forthcoming Irish, Polish indie by the Oplawski brothers. Tim is also known for playing Nutsack in Catherine Tates This Nan's life (2022).He also will be seen as Davey in the forthcoming Irish indie feature The Dredges. In addition to to that he has been in many shorts and commercials for brands such as Linkedln, Guinness and others.


    Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy

    DIP in CBT

    Private Practice Therapist


    His short film “ ELLIE “ won BEST INTERNATIONAL DRAMA at the IMDB Alternative film festival in Toronto Canada, the film also won individual awards of BEST YOUNG ACTRESS AND BEST ACTRESS for the cast including Susie Power and Amelia Stewart.