• ID: MVW618022
  • Full Name : Sandra Hayden Mason
  • Playing Age : 51-56
  • Date of Birth : 13/06/1967
  • Actual Age : 55
  • Height : 5ft 5ins
  • Frame : Broad
  • Clothes Size : Large
  • Shoe Size : 6
  • Hair Colour : Dark Brown
  • Hair Length : Long
  • Eye Colour : Blue
  • Complexion : Fair
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Languages Spoken : English
  • Native Accent : Dublin
  • Accents : Dublin

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    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Pier Lisa Ronika Merl 2022
    Survivor - Short Mam Stephen Thomas Ford 2022
    Suit Hung Tied Tongue Mary Halpin Sau Dachi 2022
    Forever Sadie Stephen Thomas Ford 2021
    Blind Man's Bluff Margret Hour Hearts Colm Sexton 2021
    Empty Nest - Short Aine Shannon Redmond 2020
    Riddled Swinger Roundabout Productions Jason Shalloe 2018
    The Secret Market Concerned Parent Garret Daly & Martina Mc Glynn 2017
    Tae Talk (Short) Building Site Worker Orion Productions Liam Heffron 2016
    Fingerprints (Short) Social Worker Roundabout Theater Company Jimmy Smallhorne 2016
    Bully (Feature) Anne ( Lead ) Deep Web Films Stephen Gaffney 2015
    The Bakery Job (Short) Group Leader NA Jimmy Smallhorne 2014
    Don’t Forget Me (Feature) Sandra O’Brien NA Jack Dean Shepherd 2014
    Thank You Come Again (Feature) Barbie Top Floor Films Stephen Clarke Dunne 2014
    One Night In Dublin (Feature) Older Woman Dublin Film Collective Alexander Vetter 2014
    The Lobster (Feature) Arrested Women Element Pictures Giorgos Lanthimos 2014
    Flaneur - Short Waltzing Woman Dublin Film Collective Alexandra Vetter 2013
    The Devils Wood (Feature) Village Woman White Washed Films Anthony White 2013


    Title Role Company Director Year
    Paula Various VO Roles BBC 2017
    Fir, Maru agus Gra Catherine Smart Midas Productions 2017


    Title Role Company Director Year
    Particular To You Ciara Born To Burn Kate Doyle 2015



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Mdeimee Concerned Citzen Gerard Walsh 2017
    Lotto Advert Neighbourhood Gossiper Maximum Media 2017


    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Smoking Giants Welfare Woman Constant Motion Pictures Zoe Kavanagh 2016
    Eleanor McEvoy Fan Orion Productions Paco Torres 2014


    Title Role Company Director  Year 
    Passenger Fare Home Owner Ed Didit 2018
    Ghost Bursters  Sandra Giddy Up Skits Trevor O'Neill 2014

    Full Irish Driving License




    FOREVER has won the following awards

    Best Overall Actress for Forever ART STREAM IFF April 2022.

    BEST MALE DIRECTOR Arthouse Festival of Beverly Hills Spring 2022.

    Best Director Short Film, Auber International Film Festival February 2022

    Best Narrative Short, Hollywood On The Tiber Film Awards March 2022

    Best Short Film, Diamond Eye Film Awards March 2022

    Best International Short Film, Cuckoo International Film Awards March 2022

     Best Short 2022 Helsingborg film festival


    FLANEUR Won Best Short Film Bloomsday Film Festival 2021.


    RIDDLED Won Gold Medal European Comedy Short At the London Worldwide Comedy Short Film Festival Autumn 2020.
    It also won Best Comedy at the 12th Underground Cinema Film Awards 2021.


    THE SECRET MARKET Won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Screen Play at the Rhode Island International Film Festival 2017.

    Bully won best Feature film and best overall film at the Pav Reel Film Festival Cork  2015


    My name is Sandra Hayden Mason. I was born on 13/06/1967 in London but raised in Clontarf Dublin from the age of 1. I have been acting since 2014 when I got my first role in The Lobster alongside Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz.