• ID: MVW805130
  • Full Name : Oisin De Lange
  • Playing Age : 37-41
  • Date of Birth : 01/09/1981
  • Actual Age : 40
  • Height : 6ft 1ins
  • Frame : Large
  • Clothes Size : X-Large
  • Shoe Size : 10
  • Hair Colour : Brown
  • Hair Length : Short Thinning
  • Eye Colour : Brown
  • Complexion : Sallow
  • Nationality : Dutch
  • Languages Spoken : English
  • Native Accent : Irish
  • Accents : English, Yorkshire, Liverpool, London, Birmingham, Scottish' Irish, Dublin, Cork, Belfast' Dutch, French, German, Spanish, American, South African, Russian

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    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Profession Of Violence Gennagy Petrov Deep Web Films Stephen Gaffney 2021
    The Valley Monologues - Short Joseph Jr Frank Kelly Productions Frank Kelly 2021
    Expulsion - Short Priest Sinead Murphy Productions Sinead Murphy Productions 2020
    Birdsong - Short David Dkit Productions Peter Toplis 2019
    Repossessed - Short Postman Sinead Murphy Productions Sinead Murphy 2019
    The Gates The Father DkIT Peter Toplis 2018
    Ellie - Short  Uncle Open Bin Production  Tim Laubscher  2018
    Landlords Gone Bad  Laurel C.B Media Gerard Daly  2017
    Feathers (Short Film) Paramedic Graham Coughlan Graham Coughlan 2017
    Temper Temper  Kent Red Kremlin Ray Hyland  2017
    Ludd (Short Film)  Joseph  Dkit Production  2017
    Black Rainbow (Short Film) Peter Two Odd Owls Don Mc Lennon 2017
    June (Short Film) Officer O'Connor Andrew Holohan Productions Andrew Holohan 2016
    Crisis (Short Film) Oisin Dkit Production Peter Toplis  2016
    Peter and the Pup (Animated Short) Peter Kevin Kelleher KJ50 Production 2016
    Graine Uail Macken Loose Grip Productions Ciaran Davies 2014
    Misson Two (Short Film) Quinn Zero Line Production Dominique Moski 2013


    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Redhand Men Liam Kavanagh Matthew McMaster 2021
    Dysphoria - Pilot Officer Aiden Kelly Dkit Productions Ciana Sherlock 2019
    Sacred Sites Season 2 Germanic Warrior Tile Films 2017
    The Day I Should Have Died Regory CBS Reality Suri Grennell 2016
    Game Of Thrones Stanis Guard HBO Alik Sakharov 2013


    Title Role Company Director Year
    3 Plays 1 Night Lead Actor Rag Bag Productions Oisin De Lange 2015
    Road To The Battle Lead Actor MAD Productions 2013



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Opposites  Attract - Web Series Prof Con Stapleton Open Bin Productions Tony Deehan 2021
    Dreamers - Web Series Shopping Husband Open Bin Productions Tony Deehan 2019
    Debt Solvce Advert Featured Smart Video Productions Jaroslave Jankoffsky 2016


    Title Role Company Director Year
    "Better Man" by Penrose Undercover Officer White Washed Films Anthony White 2017



    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Invincibles: Park Assassins Voice  Actor Roisin Jones 2021
    Rebirth Narrator/Black Shamrock/Virtuos Barry Keating 2020



    Freestyle Wrestling


    K1 Kickboxing


    Weapons Sword and Jo Staff

    Basic Firearms

    Full Clean B Driving Licence