• ID: MVW802781
  • Full Name : Marti Buchanan
  • Playing Age : 49-59
  • Date of Birth : 06/09/1966
  • Actual Age : 56
  • Height : 5ft 4ins
  • Frame : Average
  • Clothes Size : Size 16
  • Shoe Size : 6
  • Hair Colour : Blonde
  • Hair Length : Shoulder
  • Eye Colour : Light Green
  • Complexion : Fair
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Languages Spoken : English, Spanish
  • Native Accent : Neutral Irish
  • Accents : Irish, American, British, Australian, Spanish, French

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    Full Clean Driving Licence

    Jazz Vocalist



    Artist and Painter

    Day Skipper


    Songwriter and Lyricist


    Vocal Scholarship to Berklee University, U.S.A.


    I'm Marti Buchanan and I'm 56yrs old. I live in Louth. I studied Jazz Vocals in Newpark College and won a scholarship to Berklee Boston.

    I have worked with the best musicians in the country and sung in all the top venues. I have travelled extensively throughout my life and lived in Chile for 6 yrs, I have been involved in the arts since I was a teen. My passion is singing and acting. My son is now a teen actor with some credible rolls under his belt so I am very experienced on set being his chaperone etc. I adore cinema...

    I think creativity is a huge part of acting personally, to be able to create the character in one's mind then portray it. Paint, sound, lyrics and design are all similar in that respect. My experience of life has been very much about this.

    Have collaborated on Albums such as Bellcrash The Wheel, And Woman at the Well, David Bickley to name a few.



    Certificate in Jazz Studies, Newpark College.

    Certificate in Sailing

    Grade 5 Piano, Trinity College