• ID: MVW418695
  • Full Name : Liam Kimball
  • Playing Age : 21-33
  • Date of Birth : 05/11/1997
  • Actual Age : 25
  • Height : 5ft 7ins
  • Frame : Sporty
  • Clothes Size : Medium
  • Shoe Size : 8
  • Hair Colour : Black
  • Hair Length : Shaved
  • Eye Colour : Green
  • Complexion : Sallow
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Languages Spoken : English, Some Russian
  • Native Accent : West Of Ireland
  • Accents : Inner City Galway, Connemara, Northern Irish, Russian (Siberian), Palestinian

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    Title Role Company Director Year
    Skag Boy Tom ATU Lee McGinley 2022
    Broken Badge Yuri AK Productions Adam Kearney, Jordan McCormac 2022
    Unorganised Crime Mr. Kettlebells Screen 6 Studios Liam Kimball, Ciaran Murray 2022
    The Missing Note Dave The Distressed Jazz Composer GMIT Dina Sragalj 2022
    Please Wear A Mask Robber Screen 6 Productions Ciaran Murray 2022
    The Irish Job Big Sam Screen 6 Productions Collin Cronin 2022
    The Writer The Mysterious Masked Figure GCC Ciaran Murray 2021
    Night of the
    Koba GMIT James Hally 2021
    Time Management Garry GCC Liam Kimball 2021
    Prescribed Dr. Ellis GCC Andrew Downey 2021
    Politics As Usual Francis Duffy Liam Kimball Liam Kimball 2021
    Stoned COLD Christmas Rob Little Cinema 48 - Hour Challenge Cathal Flannery 2020
    Revenge Of The Spider The Spider GCC Adee Amos Diplo 2020
    IOOP Fred GCC Jammie Harte 2020
    Heart Broken The Ex- Boyfriend GCC Jammie Harte 2020
    Two Solutions Matthew Little Cinema Cathal Flannery 2020



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Animal Farm Mr. Whimper Galway Youth  Theatre/Decadent Andrew Flynn 2021
    Walls Tommy Galway Youth  Theatre/Decadent Andrew Flynn 2021
    The Today Show Larry Swindler Fishamble/Tiny Plays/GCC Catherine Denning 2021
    Hell Bent On Heaven Freddie Fitmac Fitness GCC Lorainne O'Hara 2020
    Back To School American Style Sheldon Theatre Room 2019
    Passort Control Officer Theatre Room Thomas Barry Hopkins 2019
    Guys and Dolls Missionary Performing Arts School Galway Paula McGurrell 2007



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Pakko the Donn Pakko The Donn Screen Six Studios Liam Kimball 2022
    The 091 Show Co-Presenter [3 Episodes] Flirt FM Paraic A Fearon 2018



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Farmzy South
    Central Mayo
    Himself Cathal Flannery 2021
    Westsidelips Crip Walking IRA Member Bad Arts Entertainment DJ Green/A10SIN 2019
    Get Smart IRA Driver Bad Arts Entertainment DJ Green/A10SIN 2019
    Tá Na Baggies Ar
    An Talamh
    Drug trafficker Kneecap (3 cag) Declan Ó
    Grianna agus
    Daniel Butler

    Full Driving License

    Power Lifting



    Conversational Linguistic Ability



    Worked with Stained Glass and building Scaffolding




    The Aristotelian construct (Acting technique)

    Jeet Kune do (advanced level one)

    Wing Chun (advanced)

    Sayoc Kaili Stick and Knife (beginner)

    Fire Arms Safety

    Scar H Riffle

    CQB Firearms Tactics

    Chameleon Acting




    Night Club Bouncer

    Muy Thai


    AIPO/IPO National Bench Press Champion 2018

    IPL World Championships Qualifier silver medal

    Honourable mention Berlin Flash Film Festival


    Liam started acting when he was 9 years old after successfully auditioning for the Performing Arts School Galway. In his teenage years he became interested in studying a variety of martial arts, as well as weight lifting, eventually winning national medals for powerlifting. In 2019, at the age of 21, he took part in a couple of small one act plays. Encouraged by the experience, he went on to take an 8 week course with Terry McMahon in Dublin, Acting for Camera (The Aristotilian construct).
    This course changed his life... Since then, while studying acting and film making in Galway Community College he wrote, acted, and directed in his first short film, Politics as Usual. This film screened all over the world in various short film festivals. His comedy sketch character, Pakko the Don, has gained a cult following on social media. In a few short years Liam has gained valuable experience portraying a wide range of characters from Dave, an emotionally unstable jazz musician in the Missing Note, to Mister Kettlebells, the iconic self-proclaimed criminal mastermind in Unorganised Crime, most recently he played the ruthless Russian hitman Yuri, in the soon to be released Broken Badge, a production by Vengeance Films.

    US Passport.


    Personal Trainer, Safe pass, Fetac level 5 Acting theatre and performance Leval 6 Film making and TV Presenting


    • Performing Arts Galway 2007 – 2008
    • Acting 101 Sarah O Toole 2017
    • Acting 201 Sarah O Toole 2019

    • Terry McMahon acting for camera Dublin (The Aristotelian construct) 2019 May-

    • Galway youth theatre stage and improvisation 2019-2022
    • Acting theatre and performance Galway community college 2020-2021
    • Film making and TV presenting Galway community college 2021-2022



    TIK TOKhttps://www.tiktok.com/@pakkothedon