• ID: MVW554324
  • Full Name : James Stephen Walsh
  • Playing Age : 28-37
  • Date of Birth : 27/07/1984
  • Actual Age : 37
  • Height : 5ft 11ins
  • Clothes Size : Medium
  • Shoe Size : 11
  • Hair Colour : Brown
  • Hair Length : Short
  • Eye Colour : Blue
  • Complexion : Medium
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Languages Spoken : English
  • Native Accent : Dublin
  • Accents : Dublin Inner City, Scottish, Standard English, American, Australian, German, Cockney English

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    Title Role Company Director Year
    Scarlet Craig Sean Brien 2020
    Rotten Sweetness Mick Baz David 2019
    Love Lane United - Short Team Captain Jack Thornton 2019
    The Things We Should Talk About - Short Ben & Tom Wan In  The Chamber Productions Peter D Keating 2019
    Break - Short Thomas Zac Goold 2019
    The Working Dead - Short Zeek BFEI Iosac Coleman 2019


    Title Role Company Director Year
    Evidence Of Evil Detective - The Saturday Night Strangler Peninsula Television Derek Dillon 2020
    Masquerade Party Butler Clap 'n Load Studios John Kelly 2019
    Crimecall Suspect RTE Paddy Murray 2019
    Evidence of Evil Brian Hennessy - Sharon Whelan Murder Peninsula Television 2019
    Evidence of Evil Sandra Bullock's Boyfriend Peninsula Television 2019
    Evidence of Evil Andrew Phillip Cunanun - Versace Murder case Peninsula Television 2019
    Evidence of Evil Party Goer Peninsula Television 2019
    Crimecall Lead Raider RTE 2018
    Evidence of Evil Madonna's Bodyguard Peninsula Television 2018
    Evidence of Evil Guard - Nash Murders Peninsula Television 2018
    Evidence of Evil Security Guard - Craig's List Killer Peninsula Television 2017



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Macbeth Thane Of Ross Lost Souls Theatre Company Nuno Theodoro 2018
    Here - Short & Sweet Festival Jake Paul Keogh 2018



    Horse Riding

    Tae-kwondo (Yellow Belt)


    Stage Combat

    Full Clean Driver's License Car & Motorcycle


    Ballroom Dancing - Viva School Of  Dance - Slow Waltz, Foxtrot, Swing Jive, Cha Cha, Quick Step and Samba


    Performance Year Certification GSA

    Bowstreet Graduate PT

    ATCL Speech and Drama Diploma in Performing

    Qualified Personal Trainer

    Qualified Lifeguard

    First Aid

    Forklift Operator