• ID: MVW748100
  • Full Name : Dion Marcos
  • Playing Age : 22-25
  • Date of Birth : 13/07/1998
  • Actual Age : 23
  • Height : 5ft 9ins
  • Frame : Sporty
  • Clothes Size : Small
  • Shoe Size : 9
  • Hair Colour : Black
  • Hair Length : Short
  • Eye Colour : Brown
  • Complexion : Medium
  • Nationality : Irish/Egyptian
  • Languages Spoken : English, Irish, French, Arabic
  • Native Accent : Irish
  • Accents : Dublin, Cork, Northern Irish, Cockney, London, Liverpool, British, American, Southern American, Boston, Californian, French, Indian, Eastern European


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    Title Role Company Director Year
    Musketeer - Sbort Youth Toy Soldier Pictures Ltd Philip Shaw 2021
    Magnet Jerome TNM Productions Larry Bammeke 2021
    Sins Of The Father - Short David Razvan Colceriu 2021
    The Good Wife Ryan Four Street Productions Dean Drinkel 2021
    Danny Boy Insurgent Take 3 2020
    Going In Circles - Short Jake Imarlee Stewart 2019
    Sex & The Law (Educational Film) Jack Inkblot Films 2019
    Flush - Short Finch Ryan Freeney 2018
    Blackbird Insurgent Michael Flatley 2018
    €150 - Short Ryan Alana Walsh 2018
    Duality - Short Bully Peter Quill 2018
    Tradition Ed Egan OC Productions 2017


    Title Role Company Director Year
    A Series Of Light Zac Oxygen Films Gage Oxley 2021
    Moneygram - Advert Student Transmission  Ltd 2020
    Not At The End Of The World - Advert Jack Alex Thompson 2019
    HERSTORY - Reconstruction Series  Boxer Underground Films Aofie Kelleher 2019


    Evidence Of Evil Carlos Peninsula Television Aine O'Neill 2018
    Eleve 8 (Time Travelling Tony Tempus) Kid RTE 2010



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Oliver Pickpocket poor boy, Killarney Musical Society  2010
    Fame Dance student, choir Killarney Musical Society 2010
    Grease Member of gang, choir Killarney Musical Society  2010
    Peter Pan Lost boy, Tootles, choir and dance Tara Little Stage School  2004
    Lion King Timon, choir and dancer Tara Little Stage School  2005
    Jackson Five Jackie Jackson Tara Little Stage School 2006
    Wizard Of OZ Tin Man Tara Little Stage School 2007
    Hairspray Seaweed J. Stubb Tara Little Stage School 2008



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Webwise  - Online Advert Bully Motherland Productions 2020
    Street Cars - Advert Featured 2019
    Self Directed - Advert Executive Vibrant Inc. 2017


    Title Role Company Director Year
    Mo & Diplo Featured 2018



    Title Role Company Director Year
    "Self Directed" Exectutive Vibrant Inc. Scott G. Overend 2017



    Full Irish Driving Licence

    Horse Riding

    Combat Training

    Firearms Training









    Strong level of French



    Has Won County, Munster and National Awards

    Has Won County, Munster and National Medals

    Represented Ireland

    Had an Athletics Scholarship with GMIT



    Represented Kerry in Kennedy Cup


    Completed Junior and Leaving Cert




    My name is Dion Marcos, I am 23 years old and I am based in Limerick. I am an Irish/Egyptian actor with previous experience in feature films, short films, Tv series and commercials. I have played lead, supporting and minor roles. I speak 4 languages some at a high level and others at a good level. I can also do many accents. I am a high level sprinter, I have ran for my country. I am a trained boxer and in combat. I am trained in firearms. I am an all around sportsman and can play most sports at a high level. I have a full drivers licence. I am the type of person to face and overcome any obstacle thrown my way. I never back down from a challenge and I am always willing to prove myself when given the chance.