• ID: MVW579913
  • Full Name : Aisling Goodwin
  • Playing Age : 35-40
  • Date of Birth : 16/06/1984
  • Actual Age : 37
  • Height : 5ft 4ins
  • Frame : Slim/Athletic
  • Clothes Size : Size 8 to 10
  • Shoe Size : 5
  • Hair Colour : Dark Blonde / Auburn Highlights (Natural Colouring)
  • Hair Length : Long
  • Eye Colour : Hazel
  • Complexion : Medium
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Languages Spoken : English
  • Native Accent : Neutral Dublin
  • Accents : All UK, All Irish, All US, a multitude of EU and international including Australia, NZ, Nordic

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    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Silent Enemy - Endometriosis Myself Legendary Film Productions Klara Landrat 2021
    Inheritance - Short Aoife Legendary Film Productions Roberto Dias McCarthy 2021
    Sigrún - Short Signún ALDOC Productions 2020
    The Rhythm Section Cafe Customer Reed Morano 2020
    The Troubles - Short Siobhan Terry Loughran 2019
    The Black Widow - Short Joe October Eleven Pictures Ltd. Jason Figgis 2019
    Podge - Short Coleen BCFE College Film Rebecca Singleton 2017
    Cu Chulainn Bronwyn Loose Gripp Films Ciaron Davies 2017
    Leaving The Dream Dolores Conor Simpson 2017



    Title Role Company Director Year
    Vikings Shield Maiden (7 Episodes) History Channel Various 2016
    Raw Wine Connoisseur Octagon Films Liz Gill 2013



    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Seagull - Gaeity Theatre Nina 2017
    Portia Coughlan - The Gaeity Portia 2016



    Full Irish Driving Licence

    Martial Arts: Black & numerous belts in Mixed Martial Arts & Classical Japanese Martial Arts - Karate, Kick Boxing, Aikido, Jiu Jitsu, Eskrima, Bujinkan, BJJ;

    Weapons/Combat: Edged Weapons: Knives, Swords (single & 2 handed), Tomahawk, Kerambit. Blunt Weapons: (Sticks, Hanbo, Jo, Staff, Spear), Flexible Weapons, Sword & Shield. Fire Arms: Pistol, rifle, shotgun. Reactions, Jerk backs (Hand Pull).


    Advanced Horse Riding

    All Ireland Irish Dancing Champion;




    Endurance Races


    PADI Scuba Diving







    Tandem Sky Diving

    Accents Coach


    Zoology, Primatology, Psychology, Nutrition & Fitness Running


    Frank Stein Studios (2021) Current

    Total Stunts (2020) Current

    Victorious Stage Combat (2020) Current

    Gaiety School of Acting (2016/2017) Performance Year

    Dublin School ofActing (2016) Get Into Acting

    Terry McMahon (2016) Acting For Film

    Gaiety School of Acting (2015) Acting for camera

    Waltons Music School (2013/2014) Piano & Classical Singing



    Aisling Goodwin has appeared in many film, television and theatre productions over the years, but is probably best known for her most recent role as Aoife in Inheritance & Siobhan in The Troubles. She is also known from Feature Film Podge where she played lead female Dolores and from her time on the TV show Vikings. She also has a background in stunts training and martial arts with belts in multiple disciplines including Mixed Martial Arts & Classical Japanese Martial Arts. She currently has bases to work as a local hire in Dublin & Wicklow Ireland, NI & the UK.