• ID: MVW903576
  • Full Name : Stephen Gaffney
  • Playing Age : n/a
  • Date of Birth : n/a
  • Actual Age : n/a
  • Height : n/a
  • Frame : n/a
  • Clothes Size : n/a
  • Hair Colour : n/a
  • Hair Length : n/a
  • Eye Colour : n/a
  • Complexion : n/a
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Native Accent : n/a
  • Accents : n/a

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    Stephen Gaffney is a writer and director based Dublin, Ireland.

    Since 2014 when he made his first short film 'Long Term' he has progressed onto making feature films.

    His debut feature 'Bully', a coming of age drama was accepted into festivals worldwide and after critical acclaim was picked up for distribution by Intellect Pictures.

    His sophomore feature 'Class A', a crime drama, was also picked up for distribution by Intellect after the success of his debut feature.

    Gaffney has now received funding for two more features; Red Room which is filming now, and 'Deadlock' which is in pre production.

    Gaffney has been commended by critics for his visual style and his gritty writing. In his short career he has already been compared to directors Shane Meadows ( This is England, Dead Man's Shoes ), Alan Clarke
    ( Scum, Made in Britain ) and Larry Clarke ( Kids ) by critics and 'a filmmaker from the Irish new wave to keep an eye on'.



    Underground Cinema Film Festival 2017- Winner of Special Jury Award


    Underground Cinema Film Festival 2016 - Runner Up Best Feature, Class A.

    IndieWise Film Festival 2016 - Best Screenplay, Class A

    Toronto World International Film Festival - Best Feature, Bully

    Reel Film Festival Cork 2015 - Best Feature, Bully

    Reel Film Festival Cork 2015 - Best Overall Film

    Underground Cinema Film Festival 2015 - Nomination RIsing Star Award

    Royal Television Society 2014 - Nomination - Best Comedy Short