• ID: MVW419192
  • Full Name : DJ McGrath
  • Playing Age : 22-25
  • Date of Birth : 31/08/1994
  • Actual Age : 24
  • Height : 5ft 11ins
  • Frame : Lean
  • Clothes Size : Medium
  • Shoe Size : 9
  • Hair Colour : Brown
  • Hair Length : Medium
  • Eye Colour : Bright Blue/Grey
  • Complexion : Sallow
  • Nationality : Irish
  • Languages Spoken : English
  • Native Accent : West Dublin
  • Accents : Dublin Inner City, Dublin Neutral, Irish Neutral, County Kerry and Cork, Cockney English, General English, Midwest American, General Southern American, Jersey to NYC and DC, Boston, Clear Concise Californian, General American, Italian

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    Title Role Company Director Year
    Brackenmore Tom Caragh Lake Films Chris Kimble 2017
    FOUR Niall HLH Films Aoife Dunne 2016
    Jacob + Mr I Mr. I IADT Naomi Fagan 2016
    Glassland Paul Element Pictures Gerard Barrett 2014
    Philomena John Ealing Studios Stephen Frears 2013
    Son Of A Garda Doyler IFB Michael Flynn 2011
    Free Chips Forever Damo RTE Ruari McKenna 2010
    Guitar Hero Guitar Hero IFB Michael Flynn 2010
    Don't Leave Me Hangin' Gary IFB Simon Gibney 2008


    Title Role Company Director Year
    The Perfect Debs Myself RTE/Animo James O'Reilly 2016
    Brady's Ham Advert Son Fish Films 2013-2014
    The Centre Junkie RTE Warren Meyler 2013
    Titanic: Blood And Steel John DeAngelis Group Ciaran Donnell 2012
    Parental Teaching Son Paradise Pictures Colin Cowman 2011
    Christmas Meteor Advert Son Meteor Simon Delaney 2011
    Who's Jamie Crowe Thomas RTE Rob Ross 2009
    Parental Teaching Son Paradise Pictures Colin Cowman 2003



    Horse Riding


    Script Writing



    Stand Up Comedy

    Martial Arts (Judo, Jiu Jitzu, Kickboxing, MMA, Shotokan and Wado Ru Karate)

    Stage Combat (Trained In London)


    DJ is a Leinster Champion who represented Ireland in the WKC (World Karate Championship) in Italy, came second in 2010.



    Presentation and Performance skills (IPC) at the Ballyfermot College of Further Education.

    Highest distinction in Liberal arts at the Liberties College of Dublin (Sociology, Politics, English literature, Computer science, Communication, and Psychology)


    Top 5th rated YouTube channel in Ireland in 2008.
    Top rated comedian on YouTube 2007, 2008, 2009. DJ made his own sketch videos on a Sony camcorder, wrote the scripts himself & acted in the videos with friends and younger brothers. Has over 800 subscribers from around the world. Gained great editing and directing skills from this period of my life.

    Very talented musician and sound engineer. Large catalogue of music ranging from alternative to hip-hop.

    Studied law in DCU along with Joint Honour Politics.